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Structural Investigations

Concrete investigations you can rely on

We offer our clients the most thorough concrete investigations available.

Using a combination of ground penetrating radar, digital silver Schmidt hammer (Mpa) and various other non-destructive testing (NDT) technology, our NDT methods and reports outline the intricate details of concrete structures.

Bridges, high rises, commercial properties, residential housing, or tunnels, no matter what concrete structure, our highly skilled technicians are equipped with industry leading technology and knowledge to investigate.

Whether it’s an older building that requires further construction or a new building with no ‘As-Constructed’ knowledge, GAP is able to provide the following information about your concrete structure:

  • Reinforcing size
  • Spacings
  • Over Reinforcing
  • Slab depth
  • If corrosion is present
  • Concrete strength (NDT)

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